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Leading Education Design in Practice

This module is for health and social care practitioners who have teaching as a key part of their role. It aims to promote excellence in teaching and learning in health and social care working environments.

Module Information

Module code




  • practice development theory 
  • critique of curriculum models and design theory  
  • curriculum planning and development including blended/online  
  • digital/blended learning programme design 
  • work related learning
  • programme development strategies which involve the user/carer voice
  • co-collaboration with others in programme design and negotiated learning 
  • decolonising the curriculum and addressing attainment gaps in education to generate an inclusive curriculum  
  • sustainability in educational provision
  • quality assurance in programme design
  • leadership strategies
  • mentoring and coaching
  • building practitioner resilience
  • effective facilitation of interprofessional education
  • learning technology enhanced learning and deliberate practice
  • evaluation of learning
  • developing educational roles, future continuing professional development  

Entry Requirements

Applicants at level 7 must possess a bachelor degree or equivalent in a relevant subject.  

Applicants should have module HE714, The Health Professional as an Educator, or have Advance HE qualification at D1 level some other way, prior to enrolling on this D2 level module.  

Assessment s

Part 1:
A dialogue with an assessor for up to 60 minutes. The scholarly conversation requires you to critically evaluate and reflect upon; the planning, delivery design and efficacy, context, position within the broader curriculum, relevance to practice, evaluation strategies, sustainability, and inclusivity of their teaching activities, relating to the teaching material submitted and drawing on pedagogic and disciplinary literature. This will address LOs 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Part 2:
A week prior to the dialogue you will submit self-selected teaching material (a portfolio) of approximately 3 hours duration,
it is upon this that the conversation will focus. The teaching material can be made up of up to four different elements (which can be delivered synchronously, online, via Teams or face to face on campus, and / or be delivered asynchronously, as pre-recorded materials, such as a narrated PowerPoint presentation or mini ‘lecture’). Online delivery (whether synchronous or asynchronous) should show an understanding of the University of Brighton DEL principles, and all pre-recorded materials should be your own.  

Module leader

Dr Hazel Horobin

Module Dates

2023-24 Semester 2  Falmer Campus, Brighton (dates subject to change)

  • February 22, 23
  • May 2, 3
  • June 20

Assessment submission date 17 September 2024

2024-25 Semester 2  Falmer Campus, Brighton (dates subject to change)

  • February 20, 21
  • May 1, 2
  • June 19

Assessment submission date TBC


If you are choosing this module as part of a postgraduate or community course, please contact for specific information on the fee for this module

If you are taking this as a single module or part of the BSc / Grad Cert/ PG Cert Clinical Practice or BSc (Hons) Professional Practice course, the module fee is:

2023-24 £1,122

2024-25 £1,170

Further Information 

Please contact for further information about the module

This module can be taken as part of a course including: HE714 and HE736 with this module represents the Post Graduate Certificate in Leading Practice Education and also offers membership with Advance Higher Education at Fellowship level. 

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