Pillar[n]arene update

Now that lecturing and laboratory demonstrating has finished for the year I have finally found time to update the list of papers and reviews of pillar[5]arenes. There is even a book on pillar[n]arenes!

Pillar[n]arene papers – July update

After a superb Calix 2015 conference in Sicily, where I had the pleasure of meeting Tomoki Ogoshi and Ying-Wei Yang, I have finally found time to update my list of pillar[n]arene papers again.

Pillar[n]arene resource update for the New Year

Happy New Year everyone! The last update of the pillar[n]arene papers for 2014 has been posted. Note that our review on pillar[n]arene-based chemical sensors, which we thought was published in Chemical Sensors, will now appear in ScienceJet due to an apparent merger between the two journals. 


Pillar[n]arene resource October update

The pillar[n]arene bibliography has been updated to reflect recent papers. Of particular interest is the paper on biphen[n]arenes from the group of Chunju Li in Chemical Science – welcome to the latest member of the pillar[n]arene family!


Here’s the first post to get this blog rolling. I will post updates on supramolecular and macrocyclic chemistry as interesting results emerge from the lab.