Akinyo Ola – PhD student in the Business School. Research is on ‘Improving Project Capabilities in the Public Sector’ A case study of the United Kingdom


Heather Baid – PhD student in the School of Health Sciences.  Research is a grounded theory study about sustainability in critical care practice.


This blog website captures our progress and outputs of a collaborative project for the Opposites Attract challenge of the Festival of Postgraduate Research 2018.

We discovered a variety of topics with a shared common interest including: human factors, sustainability, decision-making, job satisfaction and staff wellbeing.  Even though we come from different disciplines (Akinya business and Heather nursing), we were delighted to find such a great deal of overlap in our professional and PhD research interests.  We focused the Opposites Attract project on the topic of promoting staff wellbeing and social auditing within the healthcare sector because it was an area with the most overlap.  We also felt this topic was most likely to benefit each of us after our PhDs are finished, including for our professional work and future research projects.

Project aim:  to explore staff wellbeing and social auditing within healthcare


  • Blog to document the project
  • Journal article
  • Research plan for a potential study in the future after PhDs are finished


Akinyo: “Apart from the additional research experience and development, the collaboration was an excellent opportunity to focus on something I am passionate about”.

Heather: “It was useful to have this inter-disciplinary experience to see how learning gained from another sector could benefit research projects, teaching and practice for my own line of work.”


Presentation for the Festival of Postgraduate Research