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New research will benefit patients

Scientists at the University of Brighton are playing an integral role in developing a new early warning system that tells patients and carers when urinary catheters are infected and at risk of blocking. Urinary catheters are the most commonly used medical devices, with hundreds of millions sold worldwide every year. Many of these will be…

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Roche Continents

Roche Continents has been running since 2007. Some of the best science and arts students are nominated by professors of European universities to apply to Roche Continents. Creativity and innovation are at the core of the programme and 100 students are selected after all application have been reviewed. We’re encouraging our top students to apply….

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Community spirit between pharmacy students

Being in the final year of the course has made me realise that the thing I am going to miss most about university is the interaction I have with other students. And I don’t only mean my friends, I mean all the pharmacy students I’ve met. Pharmacy here at the University of Brighton feels like…

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Second Student Interprofessional Education and Practice Conference 2016

All final year Pharmacy students are expected to attend one of the two conferences offered this year (interprofessional education is considered of key importance by the General Pharmaceutical Council). This one will be of particular interest as has the theme of caring for an ‘Ageing’ population, but also features some general wellbeing workshops. The use of patients and social…

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Boosting the fight against cancer

The university has been awarded £148,600 to find new ways to deliver anti-cancer properties from the spice turmeric to prevent or treat the disease. Scientists will be working with collaborators in Vietnam where the climate and soil on higher ground is suitable to cultivate Curcuma longa from which turmeric, used in cooking in India and south…

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Top review award for article

A review of alternatives to antiobiotics, co-authored by Dr Brian Jones, Reader in Molecular and Medical Microbiology in our school, has won one of the world’s most prestigious awards from the publisher Elsevier. The Lancet Infectious Diseases article was selected for the Elsevier Atlas award, given to a single article every month from the thousands…

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The PharmSoc have a ball

Our Pharmacy Society students had a ball at the annual PharmSoc ball at the iconic Grand Hotel on Brighton Seafront. This year’s ball was themed Spring Tales and the nominated charity was The Brain Tumour Charity, who will receive all funds and profits raised by the event. You can find out more about the charity…

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New project on nicotine delivery device

Dr Dipak Sarker (pictured left) and Prof John Smart (pictured right) will start a project based on a nicotine delivery device with a company called Smpl Innovations, based in Germany. The formulation and analysis research work will be undertaken in our school’s labs from March.

Fighting infections with viruses

Scientists at the university have shown that viruses can kill bacteria and may be used to combat common infections related to the use of medical devices such as catheters. This new insight could lead to new methods of preventing infections and could contribute to overcoming problems with antibiotic resistance and comes after a recent government…

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Introducing our new Head of School

Professor David Timson joined us at the start of this academic year as Head of School. He shares some of this thoughts about his first semester here… It’s almost the end of my first semester as Head of School. In many ways I feel that I am a student all over again with so many…

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