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Your work and career

We’ll help you to get as much as you can out of your time here, so that you can go on to find – or create – work that excites and rewards you.

The journey towards becoming a qualified pharmacist involves learning, understanding and demonstrating that you can deliver the safe and effective patient-centred care that is expected of pharmacy professionals. Our courses prepare you for all areas of the profession, including community, hospital and industrial pharmacy.


Placements in either community or hospital settings in each year of the course prepare you for work as a patient-focused professional.


Becoming a fully qualified pharmacist

pharmacy student

  • The first step is graduating from a GPhC accredited MPharm course which you are about to embark on.
  • After your degree, you’ll complete a year of pre-reg training: paid work in a community or hospital pharmacy where you’ll build a portfolio of evidence and demonstrate your competence whilst being observed at work. Your progress is guided and verified by a tutor.
  • Your pre-registration year is when you work towards becoming a pharmacist. You must demonstrate your knowledge by passing the GPhC pre-reg exam at the end of your 52 weeks work experience, as well as showing that you have the competencies that are required to be a safe, effective pharmacist.
  • We stay in touch after you’ve graduated from the MPharm and provide help in the form of a mock exam and online support.
  • Finally, you need to meet the fitness to practice requirements for registration as a pharmacist.
  • The whole process takes at least five years. But once you have completed all of these steps successfully you can apply for registration with the GPhC as a pharmacist.

Working while you study

Visit our webpage to find out more about looking for a part-time job.

Work for the university

A great way to earn money that fits in around your studies is to work for the university. Roles include student helpers, student ambassadors, advisers, residential accommodation advisers and staff and volunteers for Brighton Students’ Union.

Watch our video – Lois tells us about the range of things she gets to do as a student ambassador

Your course team and our careers and employability team will give you their professional advice and support. Visit the website to find out more.

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