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BSS and NSS Survey

Unless you have been avoiding emails, not coming into university and not talking to  anyone in the School you will, no doubt, be aware that the all undergraduate students are being asked to give their feedback on their university experience to date via either the Brighton Student Survey or the National Student Survey. This feedback…

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Welcome to the Pharmacy Society!

Our aim is to create a fun memorable experience for all pharmacy students. Throughout the year we will be holding social events including the meet and greet, pub crawl, pharmacy ball and many others to help integrate all 4 years. We understand the demands of being a pharmacy student and also recognise the amazing support…

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Summer Placement at Barts Health NHS Trust

I spent 4 weeks as a summer student at the Royal London Hospital. Rotating weekly through admissions, surgery and ITU, paediatrics, and renal medicine, I gained a lot of clinical knowledge by shadowing and learning from pharmacists and going on ward rounds. It was great to observe pharmacists working together in a multidisciplinary team to…

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My First Clinical Intervention

“Whilst on my 3rd year clinical placement, I saw a patient with renal failure. Looking at her drug chart, I realised that one of her medications, rivaroxaban, was unsuitable. I searched through various NICE guidelines and came up with a solution: switch the rivaroxaban to apixaban. I discussed this with my supervising pharmacist and decided…

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An amazing array of final year projects on display

In the last few days final year MPharm students have been displaying the efforts they have made in their final year projects. Students presented posters on their research topic and it was clear to see the wide breath and quality of the science on display. Research areas spanned pharmaceutical science, diabetes, pharmacology, business, pharmacy education,…

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Community spirit between pharmacy students

Being in the final year of the course has made me realise that the thing I am going to miss most about university is the interaction I have with other students. And I don’t only mean my friends, I mean all the pharmacy students I’ve met. Pharmacy here at the University of Brighton feels like…

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Second Student Interprofessional Education and Practice Conference 2016

All final year Pharmacy students are expected to attend one of the two conferences offered this year (interprofessional education is considered of key importance by the General Pharmaceutical Council). This one will be of particular interest as has the theme of caring for an ‘Ageing’ population, but also features some general wellbeing workshops. The use of patients and social…

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Boosting the fight against cancer

The university has been awarded £148,600 to find new ways to deliver anti-cancer properties from the spice turmeric to prevent or treat the disease. Scientists will be working with collaborators in Vietnam where the climate and soil on higher ground is suitable to cultivate Curcuma longa from which turmeric, used in cooking in India and south…

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Lively debates at the Inter-professional Education meetings

As part of the Pharmacy course, we run annual events that bring together healthcare professionals from various courses within the university. In some of our recent events, 2nd and 3rd year Pharmacy students have been working together with medical students from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School on clinical scenarios. These session not only brought…

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