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Becoming a mentor

Uyi talks about why he chose to become a mentor.

I wanted to volunteer to pass on what’s been given to me.

Others have invested in mentoring me and I’m now at a stage where I can pass that forward.

Being mentored by a Black pharmacist was career defining.

In year 10 we had the opportunity to do some work experience and I spent two weeks working with a Black pharmacist who founded his own pharmacy. He’s an amazing guy, a man of action who really emphasised to me the importance of setting goals and working towards them. Those two weeks were the foundation of my passion for pharmacy.

There are benefits of having a role model like you.

I also did some work experience with a pharmacist from Nigeria who knew how to pronounce my name properly. i didn’t have to tell her. I immediately felt like this person had a connection with me and I could approach her for advice about the work. Representation of Black people in education is still an issue so it’s important to offer younger students the chance tow rok with someone who is more like them culturally and socially. It can make you feel comfortable and inspire you.

My course has made me a better mentor.

My course has ehlped to build my knowledge and my passion for medicine but it has also helped develop my character and strengthened my communication skills and my ability to learn.


Laura Ruby • July 17, 2020

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