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How online quizzes are boosting student learning

A new online learning resource offering quizzes, theory and visual information is enhancing students’ learning efficiency at the University of Brighton.

A study gave second-year pharmacy students access to the resource and compared results with traditional scripts given as preparation for laboratory classes.

Dr Bhavik Patel, Reader in Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry in the University’s Centre for Stress and Age-Related Diseases, said: “We found the online resource achieved significant success in improving students’ preparation, performance and confidence in practical classes.

“Less advice was requested by students and there were fewer errors in practical skills. Students felt they were able to use the apparatus without the requirement of support, and thus were more confident in the laboratory class.

“This online resource has the potential to overcome the teaching limitations associated with traditional delivery of laboratory classes.

“We feel this approach is not only applicable to laboratory classes, but to all formats of practical sessions in all disciples, as the online learning resource can be tailored towards supporting students preparing for any type of practical learning environment.”

The study and findings have been published in the Innovations and Education and Teaching International journal:

Stephanie Thomson • June 4, 2019

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