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Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is totally over its now time to get back to reality and revise!

Having exams after Christmas is a little annoying but now that the last of the Celebrations boxes and Netflix have been well and truly binged on there’s very little left to do to help with your procrastination and it’s time to start the dreaded studying.

I have a few tips that help to ease myself into revision. Firstly find a good motivational music playlist on Youtube. Secondly, make a realistic list off all the things you want to cover that day. Again be realistic as much as I want (and need) to study all day long I know I can’t do that. But with a list I have something to follow and tick off once completed. Finally I set a timer. I usually work in 30min segment with 5min breaks in between. After 1.5-2hrs I take a longer break.

These are just a few little tips that help me get through revision season 😀

Emer Cunningham • January 7, 2019

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