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Community spirit between pharmacy students

100_5543Being in the final year of the course has made me realise that the thing I am going to miss most about university is the interaction I have with other students. And I don’t only mean my friends, I mean all the pharmacy students I’ve met. Pharmacy here at the University of Brighton feels like a community to me. Not only, have I formed relationships with fellow students on my year of the course, but I also met new people from other years of the course and started forming a network. Often we share advice and experience between students from years 1 to 4 in the degree course and support one another. It is that feeling of being part of a group that made my student experience at the University of Brighton so special. Watch out for us in the library and come and have a chat!

Kleopatra Kampoura, 4th Year Pharmacy student


Bhavik Anil Patel • April 27, 2016

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