Lively debates at the Inter-professional Education meetings

AIMG_20151016_124350010s part of the Pharmacy course, we run annual events that bring together healthcare professionals from various courses within the university. In some of our recent events, 2nd and 3rd year Pharmacy students have been working together with medical students from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School on clinical scenarios.IMG_20151016_121118772_HDR

These session not only brought together lively debates and solutions to the problem in hand but helped students to form relationships and understand their integral roles as part of a healthcare team that supports patient care.

Pharmacy student hunts for the Philosopher’s Stone

al_jazeera_chemistry-2ec5bjh[1]MPharm student Afsoun Abassian featured in the recent Al Jazeera documentary Chemistry: The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone, along with Professor Hal Sosabowski.

Part of the series Science in the Golden Age, presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili, the documentary explored how the work of medieval chemists has impacted the evolution of modern chemistry.

Afsoun demonstrated the iodine clock, chemiluminescence with oxalate esters and burning lycopodium powder.

You can watch the documentary below and find out more about the programme on the Al Jazeera website.