Monitoring Student Engagement

There are a number of tools to help monitor student engagement in order to pick up any problems at an early stage.

Personal Academic Tutoring Interaction Tool From October 2023 a new PAT Interaction Tool has been introduced. This provides a course database for recording PAT interactions to aid with tracking of student engagement, promote continuation and progression and provide early identification of students who need additional support.  It is very easy to use, and should be used for all undergraduate students. A guidance document explaining how to use this can be found at the Policies & Guides page of this site.

Attendance & Engagement Monitoring

The latest version of the PAT Policy has added a responsibility for Personal Academic Tutors to engage with the Attendance and Engagement Dashboard or StREAM Dashboard (depending on the school) every 4 weeks as a minimum (twice per term or 3 times a semester) and make personal contact with students whose attendance and engagement patterns are a cause for concern and to use the data to form the discussions at PAT tutorials.

You can find out more here:

Student Lookup

The Student Lookup tool allows Personal Academic Tutors and Course Leaders to look up the student record details for students they are responsible for. This can be accessed via for all staff in all schools, providing instructions, support and a single-sign on link to eVision.

Personal tutors and Course Leaders will be taken to the ‘Schools’ content and able to click on ‘My Students’ to see details for their tutees. At Course Leader level you can choose from a list of courses and levels. Other staff will see any eVision content that applies to them (eg Ceremonies or messages).

Screenshot of SITS e:Vision Student Lookup, logged in as Personal Academic Tutor, showing list of students
Student Record screenshot:
Screenshot of student details page in SITS e:Vision Student Lookup

To see your personal tutees your name must be added to each of their SPR Screens in SITS (Personal Tutor field). Contact your school office for assistance with this. The student look-up tool has been designed to enable specific staff to view a range of data on students within their cohort. Staff are given access to this data so that they can support their students with: academic studies; improve the student experience; and offer a proactive approach to improving/monitoring student engagement. SSGTs and staff involved with student support also have access to this data for the purposes of supporting students with retention / early intervention / wellbeing.

It may be that you notice a pattern of low engagement or academic performance and use this data to make contact with the student; or you may access this information as a tool to facilitate ongoing conversations with the student – perhaps as part of Personal Academic Tutoring sessions.

Access to this data is on the basis that it will only be used for the above purposes. In accordance with university policy, emails to students should always be via university email accounts, unless attempts to contact them on university email accounts has been unsuccessful and there is sufficient concern.

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