Laura Hanna on ‘Representation and Collective Creation: The Work of MENA Arts’

The Performance and Communities REG and UoB’s Decol Collective  were very proud to co-present our first collaboration event with our special guest speaker, Laura Hanna. Laura talk was entitled ‘Representation and Collective Creation: The Work of MENA Arts’, and centred on her work with MENA Arts UK (a not for profit arts organisation for UK-based professionals who are connected to the MENA+ region (Middle East, North Africa and surrounding region). The session ended with a Q&A about her work and our work.

A recording of the talk can be found HERE 🙂

The MENA steering group (left to right): Laura Hanna, Ramzi DeHani, Nadia Emam, Laila Alj, Jessie Bedrossian, Kerry Kyriacos Michael, Sepy Baghaei, Arian Nik, Lara Sawalha, Lanna Joffrey, Shireen Farkhoy, Philip Arditti, Penny Babakhani

More information about Laura and MENA’s work can be found here: HOME | Welcome to MENA Arts UK

We at the Performance and Communities REG and UoB’s Decol Collective look forward to hosting more exciting talks and events soon, so watch this space!

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