Research in Action Engendering the Stage: Monday 13 May 2019, 6.00pm Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Hello all,

Here’s a super looking event going on at the Globe, in the wonderful Sam Wanamaker Playhouse:


Casting women in men’s roles may seem like a radical innovation of our times, but playing with gender was an exciting feature of early modern theatre practice across Europe. Professor Clare McManus and Professor Lucy Munro help us to discover the history of gendered performance on the Renaissance stage.


Our research workshops give you a chance to be part of the Globe’s exploration of early modern and contemporary performance culture.

Using extracts from well-known and less-familiar plays, Globe actors and leading academics uncover and question the practices of the Shakespearean stage. Expect discoveries – and expect to be asked for your feedback.



Here’s a link to the event for those interested!


Happy new year!

Dr Craig Jordan-Baker

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