PASS Supervisors are School-based members of staff who manage the scheme within their School or course. Here in the central PASS team, we don’t have specialist knowledge of every course that PASS runs on (especially in terms of timetabling, placements, course content, assessment etc.), so Supervisors are available to ensure the scheme fits comfortably. Sometimes these Supervisors are academic members of staff, such as Lecturers, or are support staff, such as Student Support and Guidance Tutors (SSGTs) who are tied to specific Schools.

A case study of the organisation process can be effectively seen within our School of Education:

  • The central PASS team (us) liaise directly with School-based Supervisor about the scheme in their School
  • Supervisor for School of Education is a Principal Lecturer, who liaises closely with staff and students across the multiple courses within the School
  • Three courses within the School have PASS integrated within their programme
  • Supervisor emails all first year students in March/April to recruit new Leaders for the next academic year (many of these first year students have attended PASS in their first semester)
  • Supervisor decides how many Leaders they feel would be effective to run sessions (usually each pair of Leaders run their session with 15 first year students)
  • As students respond with interest in the position, names are given to us in the team to contact with more information and begin their training process (first step is online Nearpod presentation, which is helpful in ensuring the students understand the role)
  • By May/June, prospective Leaders are required to book their place for the training day in the September (usually the Friday before new student Welcome Week)
  • Supervisors now have the decision as to whether they would like PASS Ambassadors to help running the scheme. As PASS in the School of Education spans multiple courses with over 20 Leaders, the Supervisor recruits three Ambassadors, who are handed over to us to set up on payroll and go through the job specification
  • Once the Leaders have been trained, the Supervisor and Ambassador meet with them all to discuss the Leader pairs/timetabling/logistics etc before the Leaders all meet their groups during Welcome Week
  • Sessions now begin weekly for one hour on a Wednesday afternoon throughout Semester One



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