PASS Ambassadors were first introduced to the PASS scheme here at Brighton in the academic year 2011/12. Not every School has PASS Ambassadors, but usually those with a high number of Leaders have one or two Ambassadors to help with the running of the scheme.

PASS Ambassadors act as the ‘in-between’ to gather data and information from Leaders, and pass this onto the Supervisor. Each PASS Ambassador covers up to 10 Leaders. This allows Supervisors to simply contact an Ambassador for updates on how the Leaders are doing, rather than trying to contact all Leaders themselves.

The PASS Ambassador role is a paid position (at least two hours per week), in which they are required informally observe sessions, run ‘de-briefs’ with Leaders to gather feedback, and generally support the Leaders through the process.

We currently have PASS Ambassadors working within the School of Education. 

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