On this page, you can find an overview of the PASS Leader resources:

Session Planning & Evaluation Sheet: Use the session planning sheet before every session with your partner to plan out what you will be doing; when, how and facilitated by whom. Remember – PASS sessions tend to go better when the leaders arrive prepared, focussed and in the zone! When your PASS session is over, take 5 minutes to discuss with your partner how it went and use the evaluation sheet to jot down your thoughts. You can also discuss these your PASS Supervisor/Ambassador at your next debrief.

Registers: It is vital for the evaluation of PASS that we collect attendance data from PASS sessions. This data will be kept completely confidential but is extremely helpful for measuring the impact of attendance at PASS on students’ grades. Registers are filled out and submitted each week via One Drive, which can be accessed by the student Leaders, Ambassadors, Supervisors and us in the central PASS team.

PASS Ambassador/Supervisor ‘pop-in’ Form: Your Supervisor or Ambassador will ocassionally ‘pop in’ to PASS sessions throughout the year. Don’t worry – it’s not a test! Supervisors/Ambassadors would only observe a session to offer advice and sugestions for ways to develop sessions, as well as offer support. 

Training Conference Workbook: This is the Workbook given out and used through the PASS Leader Training Conference ran each year in September. It contains many helpful details about running PASS sessions, leadership styles, and how to facilitate sessions rather than teach. Specialised PASS training is offered to those courses who were unable to attend the Conference day itself, and will use the same Workbook as in the main Conference.


Strategy Cards: These cards act as a support for planning PASS with a partner and offer various different activities that can be used throughout sessions. Each session is usually made up of an introduction activity, a main activity and a closing activity. It’s easy to pick and choose between the ones offered in the Strategy Cards pack, adapt them, or come up with your own ideas based on what suits the course and the first years attending. The different categories within the Strategy Cards focus on Exploring Content, Developing Study Skills, and Revising for Success.

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