Here at Brighton, our PASS Leader training is made up of three parts: introductory training, Conference day workshops/activities, and reflection/planning with Supervisors.

Further explanation to each are below:

– PART 1 –

Intro to PASS workshop based on each campus to introduce those students who have signed up to be Leaders to the scheme. These will be held in around May/June before students head off for summer. 

– PART 2 –

Conference day for all future PASS Leaders from various courses across the University. You will need to book your place on this day to let us know that you are attending, as it’s a vital part of the training (booking can be found on the PASS Leader Network through Student Central). It tends to run from around 10am – 4pm and involves workshops, team challenges and lots of tasty refreshments – scheduled for Friday 20th September 2019!

– PART 3 –

Meeting between all Leaders (and Ambassadors if relevant) with the School/course based Supervisor to discuss Leader pairings, timetabling, room bookings, training experience, registers and many more preparatory elements.


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