•  Improves understanding of course material
  •  Regular attendance will help improve your grades
  •  Make new friends on your course
  •  It’s a safe place to ask questions 
  •  Gain self confidence and reassurance with your course
  •  Helps with the transition into university life
  •  Get practical advice from other students about studying
  •  Develop your collaborative and independent study skills
  •  Know students from the years above on your course

Student Attendee Testimonies:

“I found PASS very useful and insightful, having past students of the same course leading the sessions was particularly beneficial.”
1st year Maths student


“I am more confident after practising presentation skills….topics have been beneficial, i.e. writing essays, planning presentations, being confident to speak in front of peers.” 1st year Education student

“Attending PASS really helped me to gel with the others on my course. I didn’t live in halls, so this meant I could be part of the community that I felt I was missing out on.” 1st year PABS student

“The PASS Leaders were very approachable and always have great information about what to expect and how they could help! PASS is friendly, reassuring, you can ask whatever you like without feeling silly, got to know people better and if we share the same worries. A nice opportunity to catch up on the week we have had and assignments.” 1st year Nursing student

PASS Leader Testimonies:

“Applying to be a PASS Leader was a great decision. I’ve been able to pair up with my friend to run sessions and help out students in areas that I really struggled with last year.” Physiotherapy PASS Leader

“I’m glad I took on the opportunity tobecome a PASS Leader. It’s helped me reflect on the study I did in first year and solidify alot of the content. I’ve also been able to build a stronger relationship with lecturers, who really appreciate what my PASS partner and I are doing to help out the new students.” Education PASS Leader

“Sometimes being a PASS Leader can be difficult – you may get low numbers of attendance, the students might be tired or not interested, or something you plan doesn’t turn out right. It’s definitely taught me about my own motivation and how to adapt to situations, which I know will help me in the future.” Architecture PASS Leader

“The training we received to become a PASS Leader has been really insightful. There are so many things I hadn’t thought of doing when mentoring, like waiting for answers, redirecting questions and ‘facilitating’ a session. I feel like I have gained a lot of transferrable skills, which will be really good toput on my CV. I can also include my certificateas evidence in my portfolio.” Business PASS Leader

PASS Ambassador Testimony:

“Going from being a PASS Leader to a PASS Ambassador has been quite a jump. I can now take on more of a management role to ensure that all of the Leaders are feeling comfortable and supported. I meet with them every few weeks and observe sessions, so I can see them grow throughout the experience. As it is a paid opportunity, Idon’t feel as stressed to take this on in my final year, as I can do this instead of my previous part-time job.”


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