The Peer2Peer Capacity Building through Niche Tourism Initiative, also known as P2P International is an educational initiative offered at the University of Brighton, School of Sport and Service Management. P2P International provides an innovative context-based learning environment to our undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Tourism, Hospitality, Events or Sport in collaboration with sponsored Gambian participants.

The co-creation of knowledge between ‘visitor’ and ‘host’ learners enables the development of transformative travel and tourism that impacts positively not only the ‘visitors’ and their immediate ‘hosts’, but also the wider destination, by providing additional ways that benefit local businesses and communities at large.

P2P International is the result of our commitment to activist scholarship. It was born out of the collaboration between the University of Brighton’s School of Sport and Service Management, private sectors’ operators, such as Sandele Eco-retreat and Learning Centre, with support from organisations such as the Gambia Tourism Board, the Gambia Hotel Association and the Association of Small-scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET).

Since 2007, we have been committed to enhance our students’ learning and knowledge about sustainable and responsible tourism, hospitality, events and sport for development and related business and management practices.

We have facilitated innovative fieldwork activities, leading to a unique learning experience for all parties involved. Please view our documentary showcasing the P2P initiative:

Philanthropic donations of as little as a £25 have enabled the sponsorship and participation of over 100 Gambian participants, making a real impact on the lives of many beyond our University of Brighton’s students and staff cohort.

In addition to this, P2P International Alumni have been able to fundraise for a number of initiatives, such as: Turtle SOS The Gambia – you can also follow our Turtle SOS The Gambia Facebook page.

You may also wish to view a short documentary on another initiative called Football4Peace The Gambia, which emerged from the close collaboration between the well established F4P International and P2P International.

P2P International has received: the 2015 Association of Tourism in Higher Education (ATHE)/ Association of British Travel Agent (ABTA) Award for ‘Building Leadership and Management Capacity in the Visitor Economy; the 2015 University of Brighton Excellence in Facilitating/Empowering Learning (EFEL) Award and   the 2016 Excellence in Community Engagement Award.

Credits: All visual material have been co-produced between Gambian and international students who have participated in the P2P International initiative over the years…