Can sharing video blogs on social media effectively drive traffic to your website?

Video blogging as a form of web-based communication can provide opportunities for social contact and interaction and help address issues of social isolation (Harley & Fitzpatrick, 2009). A well-produced video blog can have an impact on lead generation and brand awareness (King, 2014).

Here is an example of a fashion video blogger using YouTube as their platform. To raise awareness and gain more followers, the video blogger has connected their social media in the form of Facebook and Twitter underneath the video and also promoted their website stating there are more videos to view on their channel.

video blog

Video blogs can be integrated onto websites and shared on social media platforms, instantly boosting your companies SEO and ultimately driving traffic to your website. Facebook provides an effective platform for video blogs to be posted and usually creates a substantial response with likes, comments and people sharing the videos. ‘Shares’ raise awareness of the video as more and more people have access to viewing it and in some cases the video may go viral.

video blog 2


So this is an example of a video blogger sharing their video on Facebook to gain ‘likes’, comments and ‘shares’. They have over 2,000 likes, 124,845 views and 608 shares. This is an example of how a video blog can effectively increase awareness and drive traffic to view it through a social media platform.

Here is a guide to how to market your video blogs and increase your chances of getting your videos shared.



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