We are delighted to have a new fully-funded Phd position to work with Dr. Fenia Giannopoulou, Dr. Watt and Dr. Kathy Martyn on the topic of Chronic Dieting and Physical and Mental Health Consequences on Endurance Athletes and healthy Controls starting from October 2022.
Project in Brief
In humans, energy balance and the drive to eat are regulated by energy expenditure and muscle tissue. However, chronic dieting, as indicated by high levels of cognitive energy restraint (CER) and habitual  low- energy  intake, promote dysregulations  in energy, hunger and satiety homeostasis and significant mood and eating behaviour disturbances, escalating obesity rates and its comorbidities.
Chronic dieting is highly prevalent particularly in females leading to metabolic and hormonal dysregulations, amenorrhea and osteopenia, with limited research in men.
This project aims to investigate:
  1. the effects of chronic dieting syndrome and CER on energy balance regulation, the drive to eat, and physical and mental health
  2. the effects of a nutritional intervention with and without a behaviour change program on the aforementioned parameters.
Please see the advertisement and more information on this scholarship below and contact us for more information. DEADLINE: 6th of June, 2022