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Preparing for interview and other tips

When you apply for a post

  • Tailor your application to the school, look at the website, think about the school vision.
  • Ensure you make a visit to the school, most schools are allowing visits now.
  • If you really can’t contact the school, phone or send a video message, make sure you are remembered.

Prepare for your interview

  • Prepare for the type of questions you know you will be asked at interview – there are some examples further down this page
  • Make sure you give your answers impact, be forensic, give the interviewers concrete positive examples from your own practice.
  • You can use STAR to keep you on track and focused:


  • Think about what makes you stand out, for example the question  “What skills or qualities would you bring to the school?” Answering that you are a good team player, love learning or are enthusiastic just isn’t enough. We expect teachers to have these qualities. What makes you different – hobbies, interests, skills and qualifications  – and how do these make a positive impact on a school?
  • Interview lessons, if these are on site find out the names of the pupils in advance, think about social distancing rules if you are introducing practical activities etc. and ensure that you are using the national expectations for learners.

Interview questions

Think about how you would answer these kinds of questions as they are likely to come up and you can be prepared:

  • What skills/qualities will you bring to the school?
  • Why do you want to work at this school?
  • How do you use assessment to drive pupil progress?
  • Give us an example of where you have effectively worked in a team.
  • Tell us about when you have been resilient in a challenging situation.
  • How might you deal with a pupil who presents challenging behaviour?
  • What would you do if a parent was concerned that their child was being bullied?
  • What are your CPD needs?
  • What might the challenges be for learners returning to school full time in September?
  • Safeguarding – there is always a safeguarding question!

There are further questions on this word document.

Remember you can be the stand out candidate – you are special, take note of the information on the school website and prepare.

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