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Secondary Resources

National Curriculum

You can download National Curriculum documents for each subject from the gov.uk website

These are websites which provide free resources to support planning a range of subjects:

Here you can find resources and support with subject knowledge and planning of each subject:



  • National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics –NCETM

This is an organisation that aims to raise levels of achievement in maths and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of maths. It is a free to join and you will have access to a range of resources including secondary assessment materials to support the teaching of mastery.  These resources help teachers plans lessons and assess pupils’ understanding. NCETM also provide materials for professional development.

  • White Rose Maths

The White Rose team aim to build a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths in order to produce strong, secure learning and real progress. They provide a wide range of downloadable maths resources to support planning and assessment to help teachers and learners achieve excellence.

  • Maths No Problem

Maths No Problem is a series of textbooks and workbooks written to meet the requirements of the 2014 national curriculum. On their web site you will find clear explanations and videos about the Maths Mastery approach, Singapore Maths, Bar Modelling, the importance of using the CPA approach and the use of text books.

  • Mr Barton Maths

Mr Barton provides a wealth of free resources to support subject knowledge and planning in maths lessons.


  • Stem Learning

Stem Learning secondary science resource packages provide a useful starting point for you to plan and deliver science lessons. Resources cover all the statements in the KS3 PoS and include advice and guidance from subject specialists.

  • Association for Science Education

The ASE is dedicated to supporting excellence in science teaching and learning and provides resources and  guidance on a range of subjects including outdoor learning and safety in the classroom.

  • The Royal Society

The Royal Society has put together a list of science resources for Key Stage 3 students and those undertaking their GCSE’s and A-levels. There is also a focus on exploring how STEM skills are used in the real world and potential careers in science.

  • The Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics aims to advance physics for the benefit of all. They provide curriculum development and guidance, CPD and classroom resources. 

  • The Royal Society of Chemistry

The Royal Society of Chemistry provides CPD, curriculum support, resources and information to support effective classroom activities.

  • The Royal Society of Biology

The Royal Society of Biology supports teachers working to enthuse the biologists of tomorrow by providing resources, website links, classroom activities and careers resources.


  • The National Association for Art and Design in Education

The NSEAD promote art, craft and design education. Their website has a range of free resources to support planning and subject knowledge.

  • The Arty Teacher

Sarah Crowther provides lesson plans, activities, units of work, worksheets, assessment and marking resources to support art teachers.

  • Access Art

Access Art have a wide range of visual arts resources which help inspire teaching, learning and practice.


  • Geographical Association

The Geographical Association provides teaching and learning resources and guidance and has a dedicated section for NQTs including reduced memberships fees.

  • Royal Geographical Society

The RGS provides guidance and resources to support high quality secondary geography teaching. Their “In the field” section provides advice, training and grants to support field research and scientific expeditions around the world.


  • Historical Association

The Historical Association provides  resources and support for secondary history teachers from trainee level through to heads of department, including CPD and webinars, teaching resources, and curriculum reviews.

  • TeachIt History

Teachit History provides a range of free worksheets, sources, activities and templates covering the key areas of the history curriculum for key stage 3, key stage 4 and key stage 5

  • Edtechteacher

This website has “Best of History Websites” links covering a wide range of history topics.


  • The Classical Association

The Classical Association has provided a comprehensive list of resources for KS3 through to A-Level, including links to virtual museum tours.


  • The Technology Pedagogy and Education Association

The TPEA have put together a collection of resources and links designed to assist their members, the computing community and the general public over the coming weeks and months.


  • The Design and Technology Association

This association supports planning by producing a range of resources to support teachers with the Design and Technology Programme of Study, many which are free. They also provide a free teacher guide covering assessment and planning and free poster and leaflets for display.

At present they are providing a new selection of resources, free to members, so that children and young people can work at home to help reinforce their learning and allow them to research areas that will help them in their design and technology knowledge and understanding.


  • The ISM Trust

The ISM trust was created in 2014 to advance education, the arts and to promote health. They have created resources to support music and all those who work in the sector including music educators, performers, and composers. The resources include free webinars and curriculum and assessment guidance.

  • Music Mark

Music Mark support quality education for all children and young people. They provide resources and guidance to support excellence in music education.

  • PHSE Association

On this website you will find advice to support you deliver effective PHSE lessons and a resource library which includes guidance and lesson plans on teaching about mental health and emotional well-being. There is also guidance to support meeting the new requirements about the introduction of the new statutory PHSE requirements from September 2020. All the guidance and resources for the Education relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education,  are available on this government website.

  • LGBT

Resources for secondary schools from the website The Proud Trust

Resources, toolkits and advice  for secondary schools from  the website Stonewall

  • afPE

The Association for PE  develops physical education related policy, provides resources and promotes the subject in a variety of forums. Their website also includes Coronavirus guidance and support.

  • School Sport and Activity Action Plan

The government has developed an action plan which outlines a range of new measures to strengthen the role of sport within a young person’s daily routine and explains how teachers and parents can play their part. It promotes a joined-up approach to physical activity and mental well-being, starting in September 2020.

  • One Dance UK

One Dance UK supports all those working in the sector to achieve excellence in dance performance, education and management by providing curriculum support. They  have also collated a series of online resources, videos and task ideas that can be used to support home learning in dance for all ages.

  • RE:Online

You will find free resources sorted under headings of religion, theme, key stage and type of resources.


The National Association of Teachers of Religious Education supports RE teachers in all education settings. They provide resources, curriculum guidance and survey reports into the practice of RE in schools.

  • The Association for Language Learning

ALL provides resources and curriculum support for language teachers to support subject knowledge and practice. It also has a dedicated section for NQTs which offers information, guidance, peer-to-peer support and CPD events to secondary language teachers through its professional networks around the country.

  • Light Bulb Languages

Light Bulb Languages is a site with over 6000 language resources written by language teachers for language teachers.

NQT Bulletins

Our secondary NQT bulletins provide useful information on TS6 and TS7 – click to download the pdfs.



Expert teachers on use of data, marking and assessment and workload management

The following videos have been produced in collaboration with partnership teachers to share advice on the use of data, marking and assessment and workload management

Using marking and feedback to inform future teaching and learning

Using departmental marking and feedback policies

Strategies to manage the volume of marking and feedback

Making the most of different pupil data available to you

Making the most of systems used to track pupils’ progress

Strategies to support more able pupils

Effective strategies for pupils not making required progress

Using assessment for learning strategies

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