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Career Entry Plan (CEP)

All trainees in our ITE Partnership complete a Career Entry Plan (CEP). The CEP is stored on your e-Portfolio and it is a vital element of your transition to the NQT year. The CEP supports the transition to your first position by communicating your achievements, strengths, areas for development and the proposed actions that will enable you to become an outstanding practitioner. Your employing school will be waiting for you to share the completed CEP to inform your NQT support programme. Please ensure you do so at the first available opportunity with your induction mentor and headteacher.

The CEP is in two parts:

  1. Trainee Profile: This provides a link between your training and the actions you will take in first post.
  2. NQT Action Plan: This is a living document that will be used throughout your NQT year. This will need to be adapted, changed and developed in
    consultation with your induction mentor based on your progress and emerging professional development needs.

To prepare your CEP for use with your induction mentor complete the following steps:

  1. Trainee Profile. Complete your profile with reference to your Final Assessment Report on Teaching Competence (PC/SC form) and your own critical
    reflections arising from your training. Your responses to these questions will enable you to identify the targets for your NQT Action Plan.
  2. NQT Action Plan. As with the targets on your e-Portfolio these targets need to be sharply focused and related to the Teachers’ Standards.
    Intended outcomes should be related to pupil learning and progress.
  3. CEP Tutorial. In a tutorial you will share your CEP with your university tutor and then update and develop it following discussion.
  4. CEP meeting: At your new school, share your CEP link with your NQT induction tutor ready for your first meeting
  5. Ongoing development of your CEP. In consultation with your NQT tutors you will amend and develop your NQT Action Plan.

Our comprehensive guidance for completing your CEP can be found here.


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