December 8


The poem I wrote about a difficult autumn has been published on Partners in Learning.

But the dam
Let me tell you about the dam
It's my source of pride
Sheltering all below
A few hours/days/weeks of respite
Eventually it'll overflow
But the moments in-between
Are beautiful
I see growth
Movement, albeit slow
Building, plans, a hop-scotch of intentions
Parking and riding
A picture-postcard stating "Wish you were here"


June 26

Pedagogical poems

Partners in Learning
Inspired these reflections
I hope you enjoy

Isn’t it odd how
Much I write pedagogy
Not andragogy?

Maybe it’s because
Learning is linked with schooling
That I think like this

I must not forget
Education does not stop
Learning is lifelong

No one left behind?
Isn’t that what you promised
I am catching up

I’m an afterthought
A valuable figure
Absent from your view

I write these poems
Not because I’m complaining
Instead I waited

I couldn’t be a
Young prodigy because I
Was hurting myself

Now I am OK
And ready to celebrate
My validity

April 29


Grumpy bumpy
Ball of fluff
Whining sweet nose rubs
Upside down head
Going on an adventure
In the grasslands
And across carpet tacks
Sniffing broccoli
Turning your back
Pushing cheese fritters
You projectile vomitted
We laughed for hours

April 28


Powdered pink
Lemon and mint
Bedspread dancing with costumed cats
Menthol oils
A desk with a vintage typewriter
Novelty lights in a popsicle shape
A cabinet full of stationery
Berries with kawaii faces
Pinafore dresses, jeans with braces
Books on bicycles and Europe
A vase with a wooden tulip
Chest of drawers with lace-trimmed smalls
Wind chimes
Dream catchers
Floral prints
With black ink scratches
An easel for easy days