My constant companion
The beginning of my most joyful moments
The recipient of my secrets
The victim of my anger

Fear comes after we spend time together
And release

Everywhere I am, you are nearby
Always seen out the corner of my eye

In pockets
Assessing me
Requesting things of me

I destroy you

Here’s your challenge


You ask me what I think your biggest challenge is
Oddly, mine is understanding hidden requests
I get that I have to point out a negative
But put a positive spin on it

I get that
I don’t like it though

I want to be honest
Because I care and want to make a difference

In my mind, your biggest challenge is that the whole system needs to be overhauled

On my lips, I think we can overcome this by building meaningful relationships with strategic partners



I can’t hear you
No, don’t shout
Or em pha sise your syl lab les

I’m tired
My head hurts
And it’s full

Of other voices
I am juggling them
On top of trying to read your lips

A drone
My face creases
No peace

Black Spitz


Things happen
A spitz for sale in Deal
Being shortlisted for a job interview
Writing about adoptee experiences
And then being phoned to speak about it
A job working from home
Beating a backlog
Fixing some code
Finding a dinosaur crane
Buying an eyelash comb
Progressing to the next level in counselling

Nina, you’re good at this.



Conveyor belt
Cute circles
I cannot believe I am here

At first I was nervous
Afraid to look inexperienced
Even though I blatantly was

The chopsticks made me feel awkward
Inappropriate and offensive
I didn’t belong

This was a place
Not for me
White uneducated

The cucumber maki
Was my saving grace
The perfect size

I went home later
And wrote:
Sushi makes me realise how far I’ve come