Every Sunday in September I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Universe Has Your Back deck and reflecting on it.

The universe has my back

This week is my induction. I’m trying to pack away all the anxiety I feel. For some reason, timings just don’t work out for me. At the same time I’m having my induction, a member of my extended family is having an operation. Next week I’ll need to actually be in Brighton but my lesson was scheduled for after 17:00 so I arranged an online meeting for earlier in the day. Since then it turns out that the lesson is earlier in the afternoon so I’ll travel in the morning and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to access the computer spaces on campus (I hope I will, but I’m trying to find out). Finally I have another online lesson in November that clashes with an event I arranged (one of the presenters who I have been chasing to attend for ten months has finally commited to the one time slot I was trying to avoid booking). But, you know, I’ll figure it out.

After that time, I’m hoping for a few low pressure moments.


Every Sunday in September I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Universe Has Your Back deck and reflecting on it.

Obstacles are detours in the right direction

For those of your who haven’t seen my previous post, I wrote about The Student Saviour giveaway. If you’re a higher education student and like discount websites, you may find this one interest. If not, I’ll get back to my reflections.

From noon on Monday I’ll be on annual leave. I had a pretty rubbish experience on Friday, which I wrote about for the Perito Prize. I think the small bits of non-fiction I wrote last week got me thinking about accessibility. So when I had an unpleasant encounter on Friday I felt ready to write. I’ve applied for a couple of freelance tutoring roles. And I’ll be spending my week off cycling and painting… And doing a bit of data entry I’ve got left from last week.

The Student Saviour giveaway


Hi Folks.

Just a break from my regular posting to talk about The Student Saviour. They are a student information and discount website who are currently running a competition to win a year’s tuition in cash.

** And, if you like to write, they are looking for contributors too; **

If you do fancy entering this competition, I recommend reading the rules. I also have my own unique link, which if you enter through gives me an additional entry in the competition.


My workspace at home

My workspace at home

I miss my old desk. I do have a desk in one of the colleges I work at, but it’s a bus journey away and I’m still shielding. There are two colleges nearer to me which I prefer to work at, but I was only able to hotdesk when I was there. Nowadays, hotdesking is a no-no. So I’m at home.

I’ve been asking my partner for a desk for a while but we didn’t have the room. He did some reorganising, and parted with half of his books so I have this little writing nook.

Yesterday I wrote about this space, and it just felt good to write again. I wrote about the pink walls and dreamcatchers left by the previous tenant of my flat. I had planned to redecorate but I never got around to it. But as someone who has moved around a lot, and not really had a feeling of home, the already-lived-in feel of the flat has created a soothing environment. I repainted the lampshade in the corner but that’s really the only change I’ve made.

The computer was gifted to me by my partner’s father a few weeks ago now. After writing yesterday I decided to contact the editor of a previous freelance writing gig I had to ask if she would be interested in me working for her again.

I’m taking small steps back in the world again…


Every Sunday in September I’ll be pulling a (virtual) card from the Universe Has Your Back deck and reflecting on it.

Happiness is my birthright

This week I submitted four very small pieces of non-fiction to Mslexia, after a colleague told me he liked my writing. I only submitted three hundred words or so… but it’s a start. And it did improve my mood.

I’m taking some more leave next week so I can get ready for returning to university.