What a month!

  • I’m starting a Santander internship, with Stand Alone. I am so excited. I get to work with Liam McCabe and do policy-related stuff and student uniony stuff and it’s all brilliant and I feel so happy about it.
  • I am one hour away from completing the first draft of my university research proposal (I’ll do it tomorrow, my brain needs a break).
  • I sent an article to an academic journal and it got accepted – with revisions!
  • I am back with a counselling service – it has been tiring but worthwhile. My panic attacks have decreased by a quarter.
  • I’ll be returning to OCA next month to do Investigating Place with Psychogeography.
  • I’m getting a haircut next week (no big deal, but the first time I’ve shown interest in my appearance for months).
  • The redecorating was going well but then my partner became unwell and we had to take a break for three weeks. But the progress so far is making me happy:

  • I finally look the plunge and decided to stand for a society committee role. So, yeah, if you’re reading this as a University of Brighton student or staff member check out

Happy International Workers’ Day

She explains

I watched her speak.

He smiled. This would be over quickly. She just needed a tablet.

I watched her think.
No, I don’t wish I was dead. I wish I had never been born.
No, I won’t hurt myself. I’ll stop responding to human contact.
No, I have made no plans to end my life. But I plan to walk away and disappear.
No, I am not a danger to myself or others. I don’t exist.

He smiled. This is over.


What do you hope to gain?
Your goals?
Do you have a diagnosis?
Have you experienced a traumatic event in your adulthood?
What brings you here?
What has changed in those twenty years?
How would you describe your childhood in one word?
Are you able to talk?
Where do you think the robin has built it’s nest?
Did you hear me?