A Study from Home Day in the Life

Yesterday’s post motivated me to do more diary/schedule-style posts. I think there’s something about sharing my day that makes me spend it better (or at least, shame me into being more practical). In my ideal life I’d post about cleaning the bathroom and doing a twenty mile cycle this morning, it didn’t happen today buuut it may happen another day.

10:00 I woke up later than usual, this is normal for me on a Wednesday as Tuesday is my first day back at work most weeks. And I have tutorials on Wednesdays throughout this semester (the times vary) so I often have a lot to think about on Tuesday evenings. I have my breakfast of toasted teacakes and a cup of tea.

10:20 After a quick breakfast I check my emails, calendar, student union website, and university blogs (both at Brighton and Canterbury). I play asoftmurmur.com in the background and make some books. I’m collecting them to send to my family tomorrow for world book day.

handmade books and stickers

handmade books and stickers

11:20 My partner has meetings thoughout the day, but I try to catch him during his morning break to chat about my course-related ideas. I’m also looking for a second job so I’ll discuss any outstanding applications and/or adverts I’ve found.

11:30 I look at my reading list and other services I follow like BrowZine, e-books for FE, and ePlatform. I review my research question until lunch.

12:50 Lunch time. I listen to some music on bandcamp.com – lately I’ve been playing a lot of Downtown Boys and Shabazz Palaces.

13:45 I play video games until my tutorial begins.

15:00 Today my tutorial has been replaced by training on BREAM.

16:20 I did manage a bit of bathroom cleaning – woo.

17:00 Early dinner.

17:50 Watch TV with my partner.

19:00 Phone a relative.

19:30 Watch more TV with my partner.

20:00 Get ready for bed.

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