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Next year I’ll be doing a module called Looking Ahead, and it’s about continuous professional development. In typical Nina-style I’m looking ahead to Looking Ahead and thought I’d start vlogging about my next steps.

I wanted to stand for election for one of the Student Union volunteer posts but I couldn’t find any information on the roles (there used to be a Student Council Chair, International Students’ Officer, Mature Students’ Officer, Postgraduate Students’ Officer, Part Time Students’ Officer, Black and Minority Ethnic Students’ Officer, LGBTQ+ Officer, Disabled Students’ Officer, Environment Officer, Women’s Officer…). I was a bit disappointed but then I looked at the elections.

OMFG. Postgraduate Officer now appears to be a fulltime paid position! I emailed the student union because I couldn’t believe my eyes. One of the things I’ve been saying for years is that I’d like to see leadership more reflective of the student population. Obviously the student union has made great progress in many of these areas, but I am particularly excited to see the Postgraduate Officer!

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