January 18

I know my sh¡t

There’s a saying in my flat; I know my sh¡t (my partner says You know your sh¡t). It’s a kinda joke and a kinda truth. It’s something I shout at myself when I’m anxious, or after I’ve had a meeting with good feedback. I had a meeting this week when a colleague praised my work in front of ten other colleagues. It felt good. After the meeting I turned to my partner and said I don’t know why I freaked out so much, I know my sh¡t and he replied You know your sh¡t.

I suddenly remembered a Deathbulge comic from 2013!

source: deathbulge.com/comics/155

I forget sometimes that my feelings are not unique, and times I don’t know my sh¡t are few and far between.

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