November 6

All over

I got through a pretty tough week. And to congratulate myself I bought a book by Maranda Elizabeth; Oliver A Lover All Over. I was tempted by We Are The Weirdos, but I just felt really drawn to Oliver A Lover All Over.


A psychogeographical exploration of intimacy and betrayal, repetition compulsion, open relationships, empathy, therapy, and art, Oliver A Lover All Over is a work of present-tense stream-of-consciousness and self-consciousness, a novel in the form of a mix tape, a collage of the languages of autofiction, songs on late-night radio, journal entries, therapy sessions, and messages exchanged through online dating apps. In their third novel, Maranda Elizabeth employs lyrical experimentation to analyze perpetually lost, unestablished and anti-establishment, alienated thirty-somethings on the cusp of self-awareness.


It will arrive in time for my Name Day!

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