September 14


My workspace at home

My workspace at home

I miss my old desk. I do have a desk in one of the colleges I work at, but it’s a bus journey away and I’m still shielding. There are two colleges nearer to me which I prefer to work at, but I was only able to hotdesk when I was there. Nowadays, hotdesking is a no-no. So I’m at home.

I’ve been asking my partner for a desk for a while but we didn’t have the room. He did some reorganising, and parted with half of his books so I have this little writing nook.

Yesterday I wrote about this space, and it just felt good to write again. I wrote about the pink walls and dreamcatchers left by the previous tenant of my flat. I had planned to redecorate but I never got around to it. But as someone who has moved around a lot, and not really had a feeling of home, the already-lived-in feel of the flat has created a soothing environment. I repainted the lampshade in the corner but that’s really the only change I’ve made.

The computer was gifted to me by my partner’s father a few weeks ago now. After writing yesterday I decided to contact the editor of a previous freelance writing gig I had to ask if she would be interested in me working for her again.

I’m taking small steps back in the world again…

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