I woke up this morning to find my bottle of deodorant was empty. It had been running out for a while but I kept forgetting to put it on my shopping list. I had been thinking about going into work today because I really wanted to put up some flyers for a project I am trying to start up. But, as I stood in my bathroom looking at the empty bottle I thought No. Go to town instead. And that’s what I did.

I went to the local discount store and bought myself two! Tisserand deodorants. I had been considering buying them for a while because I love Tisserand essential oils. I put a few drops of Mixed Spice on a hankerchief and put it by my pillow at night as I watch an itsblitzzz video. I also have some diffuser oils; my favourite is one called Frosted Mistletoe which doesn’t appear to be still available. Though, you can get similar items in TK Maxx.

Anyway, I am in scent heaven right now.

Tisserand deodorant

Tisserand deodorant

I looked on the shelf in the store, and knew instantly that I wanted to try tea tree and rosemary. As I picked up the deodorant I saw rose and iris standing behind it. I had a quick sniff and I though well, why not? So now I have one floral-scented armpit and one fresh and herby-scented armpit. I feel like a two course meal.

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