Spreading love

By spreading loving energy I attract more love

By spreading loving energy I attract more love

I love a good blogging challenge, and I noticed some of the erotic blogosphere are taking part in Every Damn Day in June.

Everyday I will be plucking a card from my Miracles Now card deck and writing about what comes to mind…

It’s easy for me to get swamped down. I have been in my new job for a week and I stuttered my way through a meeting because I felt worried. I said I felt worried. I was told I had nothing to worry about because I have been in role for a week.

I was given some feedback to help me with the difficult task. I tried to do it, and gave myself and other people a deadline of end of business tomorrow to finish. I’m still struggling.

But a good thing is that I managed to get my head around some of the website features.

This card reminds me to remember why I am here.

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