The Warehouse

It reappears frequently
I stood on the ledge of the multi-storey carpark
And read the poster on the warehouse opposite
Monday morning 5:19

I knew the song
But I can’t hear it now

I dream of the warehouse often
It’s normally full of trees

I want to live in a converted warehouse
It reminds me of visiting the other Nina

In Manor House
I was so happy there
For that afternoon
I thought that life should feel like this forever

A vanity case
Leather with a pin-up girl printed on top

I met Cherry there too
I gave her a box of chocolates
With a bracelet in the bottom
She did my make-up

What a day
What a day

The factory workers across the road
Watched us in the yard
They whistled
We had an urban picnic

I am weary of the warehouse

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