Sex and Relationship Education

The eleventh erotic journal challenge prompt is sex education.

I was happy when I saw this prompt because it’s also the name of my favourite TV show at the moment.

And I discovered it at the time I was really finding my feet with my counselling (helping) course.

I don’t remember sex and relationship education in my primary or secondary school. Though I do remember learning about reproduction in biology (in secondary school) and puberty / body changes in primary school (in my home county, there was a van of local health professionals that went around local schools to show a video that looked like it was filmed in the 1970s and talk). Looking back, I believe PSHE was introduced in my secondary school – but I don’t think it was treated seriously by anyone except the teachers. Even a few of them were critical of it. Needless to say, if I was taught SRE then it was taught in a way that left no impact.

When I started talking to my friends, rather awkwardly and ill-informed, about relationships we noticed that there was little helpful information around on the emotional aspects. Of course there was guidance on how not to get pregnant or STIs, and the overarching message was that having sex was not as cool as your friends made it sound. A modern-day version of Just Say No.

SRE has improved so much since I was at school, and students are asking for a more rounded education. From I Heart Consent to continuous campaigning from the Sex Education Forum to the Education of Shelby Knox. People are talking.

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  1. I’ve been interested in seeing the show.

    I also agree…it seems there is call from students to receive a more well-rounded sexual education, rather than just abstinence training. They deserve to know that there are different types of sex, love, and relationships. They also deserve to learn about pleasure…not just be terrified into not having sex because they might get an STD. Honesty is the best policy in any kind of education, and students know when they aren’t getting the whole story.

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