First Tour

The ninth erotic journal challenge prompt is TV/film.

Well today marks three years since my first public blog post here. I am amazed I managed to kept this blog going for so long, and I love looking back to see how much I have experienced. Three years ago I was wondering what to do with my life after withdrawing from my undergraduate degree in HOAD. I built up so much hope on the idea that once I got to university I’d be able to reclaim the teenage freedom I never had. In fact, I felt more isolated than I did as a teenager and that is saying something! Luckily I was surrounded by great people who helped me believe in myself. Fast forward three years and I’ve got a Postgraduate Certificate in Inclusive Arts Practice, paid blogging work, a job in academia, an offer to do a Creative Writing Masters Degree and I am in the early stages of training to be a counsellor.

This prompt has brought a few memories back. Mainly surrounding the early 00s and, perhaps, what it all was about for me.

Suicide Girls: The First Tour really just encompasses that time in my life. I was living in my first flat, my friends were damn cool, life was fun and felt full of possibility. Suicide Girls: The First Tour feels like a snapshot of that time; a real moment of camaraderie (although the fetishisation of youth/subcultures is troubling for my adult brain now).

Also, interesting fact*. At this time Brighton was the UK city outside of London with the largest amount of Suicide Girls. I worked with one, studied with two and got my haircut by another.

* OK I might be wrong here. I seem to remember seeing a map back then. Though now I think about it, London probably had more.

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