A (Work) Day in the Life…

Following on from yesterday, here is what my work day looks like (typically Tuesday to Friday). It won’t be the most exciting, but people who do data entry will understand!

6:10 My alarm goes off, I lay in bed for twenty minutes.

6:25 My partner brings me a cup of tea (English Breakfast with soy milk) and a toasted bagel.

6:35 I scoff my breakfast, get dressed and get ready for the day.

7:00 We commute to Canterbury.

7:50 I arrive to my university campus, I try to convince myself to have a walk (if I have outstanding work I do skip this. But I am trying not to in the future).





Olive Grove

Olive Grove

8:00 Go to my office, open up and start working (thirty minutes for emails, twenty minutes for reports and ten-twenty minutes for investigation).

9:00 My line manager visits me and we discuss any outstanding issues and ideas, we also talk about upcoming meetings.

9:20 More investigation if necessary, and email chasers.

10:00 Break (I don’t always leave me desk, but I make an effort to do something not involving data).

10:10 Create web pages or files in our content management systems or review/update the pages.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Return to work and focus on outstanding projects and/or go to meetings. More data entry and creating pages/files.

17:00 Technically I have finished work but my partner doesn’t give me a lift until 18:00 so I browse my university intranet, and read HE-related blogs or news/articles involving my research interests.

18:00 Start the commute home (varies depending on traffic).

19:00 Dinner time.

20:00 Same as yesterday.

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