A (Study) Day in the Life…

I saw the below Tweet about a day in the life of a third year university student.

I don’t think I’ve written a diary-like blog post before, but I thought it would be fun because it might encourage me to manage my work days better. Here’s a typical Monday for me (I am a part-time student and I tend to do most of my modules one day a week).

6:10 My alarm goes off, I normally lay in bed for twenty minutes wishing I worked/studied closer to home because I could have an extra hour of sleep. Bliss.

6:25 My partner brings me a cup of tea (English Breakfast with soy milk) and a toasted bagel.

6:35 I scoff my breakfast, get dressed and get ready for the day.

7:30 We commute to Canterbury (sometimes we leave a bit earlier).

8:20 We go to a café and have a hot drink while we wait for the college library to open.

8:45 Visit the library, check emails (I try not to check work emails, but sometimes I can’t help myself), I print out my homework and see what’s happening on my college SharePoint. I catch up on my favourite blogs, and do research if I have any outstanding pieces to write.

9:50 Walk to my classroom.

10:00 Counselling lesson – ninety minutes of discussion.

11:30 Short break.

11:45 Counselling lesson – practical observations and summary.

13:15 Say goodbye to my classmates and meet up with my partner.

13:30 Lunch time.

14:00 Return to the library and write up my notes (if I am feeling under the weather I’ll do this at home, but I prefer to do this in the library), and begin research for homework.

15:30 I’ve normally finished everything or reached a point where I feel ready to park my work, so I’ll start commuting home.

16:30 Finish any outstanding work at home, or have a nap!

17:00 Dinner time.

18:00 Hobby time (I’ll watch TV, do some crafty things, or lay in bed listening to white noise with my humidifier on)

20:00 Get ready for bed (a little bit early, but I try to do everything early so I can sleep when the wall of tiredness hits me).

21:00 Sleep (again, a little early but anxiety keeps me awake often – so I try to plan for this eventuality, that way I’ll have enough sleep on a bad night).

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