The #Blogging28 prompt for today is update an old post or page, but I thought I would elaborate on my post yesterday because a few people I know mentioned that it may look unflattering for my college and it sounds a little disappointing for me (aww, you guys!).

Firstly, I value my mentor and work experience placement because it opened my eyes to how different teaching is from what I expected. I knew teaching would be challenging but I had no idea how I would manage. In an ideal world, my college would support me from the moment I stepped into the office. And I have no doubt in my mind that they would offer me that support if they had the resource. I feel very cared for in my college. That being said, my college is dealing with day-to-day life and – rightly so – our learners are the priority. The staff available are busy and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that they are giving everything they have to the running of the department. So I don’t expect them to hold the hand of a highly anxious and indecisive work experience student.

However, I undertook the work experience placement so I could see what life would be like. I had researched, studied and worked/volunteered in an educational support role (admittedly in a museum) before. I felt like I knew the terrain. This work experience placement has shown me that I didn’t know the terrain at all, and I probably shouldn’t even be walking on it as it’s too far away from where I want to be.

I am a bad fit for the role.

But I am a good fit elsewhere. My work experience placement has shown me that I have the potential to be a good educator but probably not in a classroom setting (or rather, this type of classroom). I am just as passionate as ever about pastoral care and museum-based learning, so I know I want to focus my efforts there. I also love e-learning; virtual learning environments, e-portfolios and blogs! And, if I’m honest, that’s where people who know me know I thrive.

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