The #Blogging28 prompt today is Start a List of Blog Post ideas. I found writing this list helpful because, as you know, I am submitting to a lot of creative writing journals at the moment – and – I have noticed a lot of my energy seems to go into my paid writing work. I don’t want to say selling my words makes writing less fun but it definitely has monopolised my time. Hopefully, this list will help me reinvigorate my writing here.

Topics I would like to expand on in future blog posts:

  • Reflections on my completed work experience placement
  • I had a CBD oil massage
  • Returning to college and meeting my new tutor
  • My favourite sock purchases in January sales
  • How self-help books and blogs/vlogs have become a big part of my life
  • I love my new bicycle
  • I have annual leave in February and my favourite themed hotel has redesigned a room so I’m itching to go there
  • I designed a logo for my team at work and, despite lack of success, it was pretty fun
  • I now spend every other weekend painting
  • An upcoming visit to a convention in Camden
  • I am one memento away from completing Neko Atsume and I’m amazed I stuck with it
  • How difficult I find writing fiction
  • My blog being three years old in March

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