It’s hard to believe I have been in my new flat for a fortnight. I feel comfortable, relaxed and grateful. My flat is overwhelmingly pink, except for the kitchen which is lime green. I can’t remember if I blogged about the décor before… my move date was delayed so many times and I had originally viewed the flat in the summer (I think). I lose track because everywhere has felt like it’s full of change.

I had a fall earlier this month, I missed a day of my work experience because of it. I flopped right outside of the gates of the college. It hurt so bad and my ankle has felt delicate since. It happened the day before my Name Day. I didn’t celebrate it this year but the following week I booked myself in for a portrait photograph (for my writing portfolio!!!) and contacted a local tattooist for a consultation. I feel like I’m proper adulting now.

My line manager has a new manager at work. It’s an exciting time because whenever leadership changes we get a new injection of enthusiasm and activity. Plus I now have an office which I share with Peer Mentoring so there is a real sense of progress and purpose around me now. I get opportunities to research and write reports in my role. I also now have an office on the floor above a potential research advisor, so I physically inhabit a space where I feel inspired.

Another thing that has happened is that I have witnessed my own confidence grow in my work experience placement in the local college. I feel much more able to bounce back from rejection and address challenges. In my first few weeks I was spending a lot of time wondering how to respond/behave. Afraid to make mistakes. But, you know, I realise I am not perfect and I know nobody is but I felt like I should be when it comes to supporting people. I used to relive errors in my head for days – beating myself up for not explaining myself clearly or thinking about how I should have made a task more exciting and meaningful. But I turned up the next week and most of the learners were kind to me and seemed happy to see me. I felt a lump in my throat.

My college also elected me so I am the new equalities/liberation officer.


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