Goodbye daily poetry
You were hard work
But a little bit fun
I will visit you every now and again
Maybe I will tell you
About my job interviews,
Visits from my family,
Flat views,
New bedding.
Whatever. I’m done.


Directed to the sport centre
With no instructions, and a package to decipher
I am flustered
I don’t want to announce the guidelines
Hundreds of faces
Looking at me over desks
I remember last week
When the list of candidates was wrong
Impatient faces
I scribble changes on a spare sheet of paper
I give up looking professional
Knowing a complaint will be logged
I just try to get through the registration
Fantasising of vacation


Bonjour. I am having a wonderful time. I feel like I am in Bientôt l’été here. Everything is wide open and alienating. I went to the flea markets and bought a sun-faded musical carousel. I saw some book shops I thought you would love. And some surreal graffiti. Anarchist stickers plastered the lamppost. I found my dream home. On the wind-beaten seafront. The local chocolatier made delicious, but worryingly mishapen, tortoises. Pastisseries won my heart. I am running out of room here with my messy writing. I will see you tomorrow. Love Nina



A little known fact
9♦ was my short-lived sound art project
I recorded some audio
Of hyperventilation in Kemptown
Background noise of people talking
Sounds of the tattoo studio and joke shop next door
I just couldn’t figure out how to make the file upload
Converting it did not work either
Sometimes I don’t get along with technology
Ideas become flaccid
Like this poem