November 5


Latest selfie

Latest selfie

NaNoWriMo fell by the bye. I got ill again last week and spent a lot of time hiding away. I couldn’t bring myself to attend two job interviews because I was panicking too much and had a sickness bug too. I don’t know what happened. One job interview was for a research project that I was really excited about. Meh.

I got elected by the SU. I’d hazzard a guess that maybe less than 1% of the electorate actually voted. The live stats page shows the numbers of votes, but not the number of voters. Such is student politics.

I took a selfie to prove I’m still around. I’m optimistic November will be a good month for me. I’m planning to visit Brighton next month, or next year.

I was invited out for a coffee with some colleagues in my new workplace – one is doing a job in a department I’ve applied for a job in and the other works in the department where I’ve registered interest in a course. This sounds hopeful. Being invited out for a coffee is normally a sign that an opportunity is on the way.

I’m so behind on everything at the moment; blogging, studying, to-do lists… But I’m happy to have a job and be earning money again. It has provided a bit of temporary security. I am thankful.

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