Inktober day seventeen

Inktober Day 17 - #EdublogsClub finale

Inktober Day 17 – #EdublogsClub finale

#EdublogsClub has come to an end. It has been a great journey; I’ve gone from a blogging amateur to an almost professional (from next month I’ll be getting paid to blog elsewhere).

For anyone interested, my blog posts:

  1. my blogging history
  2. my work / study space
  3. thoughts on leadership
  4. use of photos
  5. favourite free web tools
  6. challenging situations
  7. seven reasons why I’m #brightonforever
  8. thoughts on internet privacy
  9. pop culture
  10. blogging basics video
  11. feedback
  12. undertow mp3
  13. knowledge
  14. the path demo
  15. self-assessment
  16. a grandmother’s house story
  17. project based learning
  18. creative stitching
  19. social media
  20. blog progression
  21. my favourite things to read
  22. time management
  23. the path teaser videos
  24. carers’ role in learning
  25. conferences
  26. update on my career plans
  27. my guest post on another blog
  28. digital engagement
  29. using eportfolios
  30. talking about careers
  31. skills share as professional development
  32. advice for new teachers
  33. interview experience
  34. finding resources
  35. poetry inspired by a picture
  36. virtual learning environments
  37. affirmations
  38. play as a tool for learning
  39. blogging is awesome
  40. finale

I’m going to spend the next couple of months mentoring for Edublogs Student Challenge, preparing for the last module of my PGCert and working at Canterbury.

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