Inktober day three

Inktober Day 03 - #edublogsclub mashup

Inktober Day 03 – #edublogsclub mashup

Today’s #edublogsclub prompt is World Teachers’ Day. Typically the first #edublogsclub/brightinktober crossover post is something I’d find difficult to draw. I’ve written about my favourite teacher, Wendy Ashall, before so I decided to talk more about my early years workshop with Octopus Inc. I took the workshop a week after withdrawing from my HOAD degree.

The workshop involved taking part in multisensory activities and I found it fascinating to think about play as a tool for learning. I originally feared working with babies and toddlers, which sounds odd (I know), because I didn’t think I could guide/encourage them without become some type of leader. I prefer learning without a hierarchy. And I didn’t think that could happen without clear communication.

But it turns out that babies are pretty cool anarchists. I enjoyed working with them and let them guide me with their play. I was aware of their personal space and accepted that we communicated differently. Miscommunication is likely to happen – I don’t need to beat myself up about it. I learn. They learn.

In case you’re wondering about the image, it’s a bunny finger puppet from a chest of drawers in a multisensory tent.

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  1. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the workshop. It sounds like it was an interesting experience. Babies can certainly be fascinating!

    Cute picture too.


  2. Hi Nina,
    I love when the little ones (in my school from 3 to 5 years old) just catch me alone in my writing workshop and ask to stay a bit. They put on everything around them a refreshing look that seems to renew what I thought was trivial.
    Thanks for sharing,

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