Yesterday I did a blog post about Mahara. University of Brighton use Mahara for their StudentFolio. I also have fond memories of using Mahara in Greater Brighton Metropolitan College back when it was City College. I made a group for my class. I was very proud of this. And I made an advice page (which was deleted when they stopped using Mahara but I saved the text in the linked document) for those chosing to stay on and study in Brighton.

I was exploring StudentFolio this morning and I stumbled upon a portfolio page I made for a learning/navigation game. I started it as a Halloween-themed competition, but the next year I made it generic. You can see it at

Version 1:

Version 2:

The Mahara competition I made was a way to encourage my colleagues in the Alumni team to explore the eportfolio.

At the time I started using StudentFolio I was a University of Brighton applicant. I could access it before I enrolled or accepted my offer. You can start using StudentFolio after you’ve activated your account. For this reason, I thought StudentFolio would be a good place to start an applicant support programme (but I got no interest, if you like the idea please get in touch!!!).

The dashboard looks like this:

The navigation menu is on the top left underneath the University of Brighton logo. The features include everything I posted about yesterday. I think it might be weird to post the same thing two days in a row.

Even if you are an applicant or don’t know what to do yet, I recommend joining the Graduate Toolkit group because the Careers team did a brilliant job with it. Also, 00 Help & Support is full of information if you want to find out more about StudentFolio.

Update – new features in folio

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