Taking a break

This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is reflections.

I actually did a post about reflections a while back so I thought I’d post some more about what I’m doing now and aiming to do next.

I have a job interview on Friday. It’s my first ever teaching interview (excluding the one I had to cancel due to a bereavement). The role is for a SEN Lecturer and I have to do a lesson session, presentation and have an interview afterwards. I’m ill-prepared, but then, I’m ill. I’m thinking I should phone in and cancel.

I’ve been ill all week. I think it’s some sort of virus. I started feeling better mid-week but then I’ve never been able to shake off the headache. I went to the walk-in clinic locally, as I was so desperate for any pain relief, but it turned out that they are just a minor injury unit. When I left the unit I remember thinking That’s it. I won’t get better before my interview.

I guess I just want to get this out there, that I landed an interview for a role where I felt good about myself and the work I could potentially do. I feel sad about cancelling – so many people in my life are crossing their fingers for me and telling me that this is something they think I’d be good at.

And I’m starting to question if I am just chickening out because I’ve had a fortnight of Hell and I don’t think I’m coping.

Anyway – creating my lesson session has been fun. I’ve made a sorting game that can be turned into a poster and then happy/unhappy/blank face stickers can be attached during the reflection period. The session will end with a practical and I’m amazed with how much I have remembered despite a dull throb following me around for one hundred hours.

I’m also really excited about my presentation because I got to write about my learning journey and how it has shaped my definition of achievement.

So I’ve done some good work here but I won’t be using it. But I still think it’s good. It felt rewarding and meaningful. I’ll just put it in a box for a while.

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