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I got a text message from one of my friends who I have not spoken to for months (or seen for half a year – oops, my bad!) saying they read my previous post and was sad to read that I didn’t get the job but I seemed to be in a better place.

I think I am in a better place, but I’m really not sure. However I think that my thinking I am in a better place means I must be. I also realised I didn’t post about the results of my meeting.

In approximately ten days I will find out if I have been shortlisted for a lecturer post. A lecturer post FFS!!! I met with a colleague at the local college and they were encouraging of my application for two lecturer vacancies. If successful, I can enrol on a training and support programme – and possibly, get a PGCE at some point in the future.

I know I’m being pretty reckless by pinning all my hopes on this, but sometimes I just get a feeling and my rational brain walks out on me. The person I spoke to in the college made me feel secure and appreciated – he picked up that my support network is in Brighton and I’m nervous about leaving it. He also mentioned alternative routes into teaching because people learn/progress in different ways. He felt like my Inclusive Arts experience had set me up nicely for this type of work. In short, things just felt harmonious.

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